Q1. Are You Interested in: Yes No
Finding out about your family history
Looking into the history of your area/home
(eg using deeds, archaeology records, photos etc)
Q2. If yes, have you ever visited the Registry

Q3. If yes, which service(s) have you visited (please indicate below)
The West Riding Registry of Deeds West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield
West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service West Yorkshire Ecology Service

Q4. If yes, how often do you visit the service(s)?
Very often (at least once a week)
Often (about once a month)
Less often (more than one month ago but within the last 6months)
Sometimes (more than 6 months ago but within the last year)
Rarely (over a year ago)

Q5. If you have visited WYAS, Wakefield have you used the Registry of Deeds for:
Family History Purposes House History Purposes
Q5b. Were you able to do everything you wanted to do? Yes No
Q5c. What would improve it? 
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Provision of Training Courses for Members of the Public
In our new building it is our intention to expand our current services to incorporate learning and participation opportunities to as wide an audience as possible. It would be useful if you could provide us with an indication of how helpful some of our proposals would be to you personally:

Q6. I would be interested in these activities (please tick all that apply) Yes No
Document Conservation Skills Centre
(to provide training and skills in document conservation e.g. Care and repair of archives)
Courses/classes in:
Family History
(to learn how to do my research)
Historic Environment Records
(how to access information on the Historic Environment, archaeological remains and historic buildings of West Yorkshire’s cities, towns and villages)
How to use old maps
(to look at the history of an area)
How to read old handwriting
(and understand old documents)
(promoting local archive collections and resources)
Open days
(showing what services are available)
(Please tell us what else would interest you)

Development Stage and longer term activities
One of the objectives of the project is to encourage participation of individuals
and local groups during the development phase in the design of the proposed facility
and in work in advance of the move (the repackaging, checking and bar coding of the archives)
  Yes No
Would you be interested in being involved?
I would like to be contacted by WYAS about volunteering opportunities towards the new facility
I would like to receive the WYAS e-newsletter

Please provide your contact details.
Email address:
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Data protection statement

West Yorkshire Archive Service collects this personal information in order to contact you about volunteering opportunities. We do not pass your details to any other organisation, although we may send you information about our own products and services which may be of interest to you.
Please tick here if you do not wish to receive such information